Jose Diacono

  • I am an Eventer, which means I compete in equestrian triathlons that include galloping cross country and jumping scary solid obstacles such as banks, ditches and hedges.

    I also love software and websites that are easy to understand and use and get hugely frustrated by technically brilliant products with unintuitive, ugly interfaces that don’t get past go with the average user. So with my two very smart children – James the developer and Helen the designer (also an Eventer) I created the CrossCountry iPhone App. It helps riders of all levels memorise their course and ride to time by creating a GPS map and much more. CrossCountry App has taken off all around the world, bringing us to exciting places, meeting Olympic Gold Medalists and many of our sporting heroes.

    We are now busy extending the software beyond Apple and in exciting new directions, so learning what’s new and networking at GeoNext is perfect for me.

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