Hamish Roberston

  • Hamish is a geographer by training and preference, with fifteen years experience in the New South Wales public health system including a decade in ageing research. As well as healthcare experience, Hamish has worked in the private sector and in the multicultural/cultural diversity sector including five years in multicultural health. He has presented and published on a range of topics ranging from ageing research, Aboriginal ageing, patient safety and spatial science to cultural heritage research. He has also tutored on various public health courses at the University of NSW. His interests lie in human geography and socio-political theory. He is currently undertaking his PhD at the Australian Institute of Health Innovation (AIHI) at the University of NSW. The focus of this research is on the geography of Alzheimer’s disease and the application of spatial science to investigate the social and systemic impacts of ageing and AD. This research has caused him to extend his Australian-based research into potential spatial science applications for global ageing and health issues.

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