Race for the Geospatial Overworld

  • In computer games, the Overworld is the top down visual perspective of the fictional environment within the game that precisely maps and describes its geospatial construction; the levels, terrains, buildings, water bodies, locations, boundaries, routes, interactions, characters, and where the main player can be found. Similarly, today in behind the scenes of our everyday lives there is a multibillion dollar race to build a Geospatial Overworld – a spatially precise virtual representation of our real world in complete 3D and updated in real-time.

    The Geospatial Overworld, more commonly called Spatial Data Infrastructure (SDI), deliver advanced interactive digital maps and map-related functionality as a holistic service. SDI’s are available for people and businesses to integrate myriad applications, services and platforms through a suite of Application Programmer Interfaces, middleware and on-demand web services. The foundation of SDI’s are the highest quality and most up-to-date maps, which evolve constantly to reflect real-world changes. These updates include data collected by global teams of professional geographic analysts as well as anonymous data collected automatically from many dynamically interactive systems around the world, including each of us. This presentation discusses the Race for the Geospatial Overworld and how SDI’s will change our lives.


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