High performance Indoor Positioning: Going Beyond Wi-Fi and A-GNSS

  • High accuracy and high availability indoor positioning is required in many applications, including warehouse automation, disaster and crisis management, goods and product tracking, and pedestrian navigation in indoor or urban environments where GNSS fails. Locata is a ground-based GNSS-like navigation system which can transmit ranging signals at several frequencies in the 2.4GHz Industrial, Scientific and Medical (ISM) radio bands. The same band as WiFi. Locata has been used in open-cut mines as well as several airborne tests to augment GNSS. In September 2011 first tests were conducted in the use of Locata, on its own, for indoor positioning at the few centimetre level of accuracy. The latest development is a beam-forming antenna technology that delivers multipath-mitigated measurements that can be used for both positioning and orientation determination. In this paper, the results of the most recent indoor tests in late 2013 will be presented. The test results indicate that Locata can be used in the severe multipath indoor environment to support high accuracy, high reliability navigation.


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