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  • PrintGeoNext 2014 is proud to announce a new partnership with AURIN, the Australian Urban Research Infrastructure Network. AURIN will host a free post-conference workshop on Thursday 27th February 9am-12 midday, Meeting Room 9A, Australian Technology Park.

    GeoNext brings together experts from all walks of life. What they have in common is an interest in the value and power of location, finding out the latest trends in location-based technology and business, and the opportunities they bring.
    The conference is about promoting meaningful, productive and actionable face to face discussions with leading and like-minded developers, users and entrepreneurs, and learning what’s next in the world of Geographic Information technology, the latest start-ups, gadgets and much more.

    Full details on GeoNext 2014 being held on 26th February, can be found at
    COMBINE the NGIS pre show workshop, GeoNext Conference and post show AURIN workshop for some exceptional geo education, with international speakers identifying exactly why ‘location matters’.

    AURIN Workshop
    AURIN facilitates urban researchers to rapidly access a multitude of Australian datasets that can be downloaded, interrogated, visualised and analysed through a suite of open source components.
    This workshop introduces participants to the AURIN Portal and offers them the chance to explore the open data services and spatial tools currently available on the system. Participants will be able to explore different states and cities across Australia, and zoom into suburbs to discover information on an area’s demographics, socio-economics, politics, health and more.
    The workshop includes a number of hands-on exercises where participants can shop for data, run spatial analysis and statistics, visualise outputs, and explore the advanced urban modelling and simulation tools the system has to offer.
    Dr Jack Barton, the Urban Data and eResearch Facilitator for AURIN, will lead this session. Places for this workshop are strictly limited and registration is essential. Please contact Jack Barton at or +61 3 9035 4206 to reserve a place.

    Who Should Attend
    The AURIN workshop will be of interest to e-Researchers who work with any aspect of the urban environment: Government/governance, demographics, socio-economics, health, geographic visualisation or urban planning/design.

    Workshop Outline
    Project synopsis. Participants will be introduced to the AURIN system and given an understanding of the projects drivers, current development and future directions.
    Technical Architecture: An overview will be presented describing the cutting-edge technical mechanisms that make it possible for the AURIN network to bring together urban datasets from across Australia and facilitate interaction online.
    Hands on session: This workshop will give participants first-hand experience in using the system, including exploring geographies across Australia, exploring and discovering/downloading data, processing, visualising and analysing information surrounding urban areas.
    Discussion: Participants will recap the experiences of the day and discuss potential applications and opportunities for urban data sharing across Australia.

    About AURIN
    The Australian Urban Research Infrastructure Network (AURIN) is a $20 Million initiative funded by the Australian Government ’s Super Science scheme. AURIN’s e-infrastructure facilitates access to federated datasets and distributed services to help urban researchers, designers, planners and community stakeholders understand patterns of urban phenomena and help navigate urban growth toward a sustainable future.

    Short Bio
    Dr Jack Barton is the Urban Data and eResearch Facilitator for the Australian Urban Research Infrastructure Network (AURIN). Barton’s PhD in Architecture involved the design of a spatial decision support system for the management of public housing at the University of New South Wales; he subsequently worked as a Research Fellow at the City Futures Research Centre and has run his own urban modelling consultancy for over a decade.

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